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What is bionic cleaning technology?

The Hizero uses bionic technology to clean all hard floors. Sweeps up debris, wet mops, dry excess water & cleans the roller & the internals in mode 2.


Hizero is not a vacuum and it is not a steam mop. It uses bionic technology to mechanically move the polymer roller slowly over your floor while picking up hard waste and simultaneously mopping your floor.


As it moves forward the hard waste is picked up by the wet roller and the liquid waste is absorbed by the roller. The wet roller also mops the surface cleaning any dirt, grime, or debris. Its exclusive technology separates the hard waste from the liquid waste for easy disposal.


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How long does the battery last?

The battery life during regular use is approximately 60 minutes. The battery will need 4hrs of continuous charge prior to use. While on charge the battery light should flash red and when fully charged the battery symbol will be a solid blue.

Which floor surfaces are suitable for the Hizero?

This Hizero is designed for all sealed hard floors that are water-resistant. Tiles, marble, granite, laminate, vinyl floors, timber floors, floating floors, engineered & hybrid floors. The floors must be relatively flat for the Hizero to work effectively. If it's water-resistant, it will work to clean your floors.


No carpets or rugs.

How many water tanks does the Hizero have and why?

There are two tanks on HIZERO, one is the clean-water tank, one is the waste-water tank. The clean water tank capacity is 500ml and should clean 50sq using the appliance at a walking pace. The wastewater tank has a 600ml capacity. Note the clean water and wastewater never mix, so you are always cleaning your floors with clean fresh water.

What types of mess can the Hizero clean and what to avoid?

Hizero is an all-in-one hard floor cleaner designed for all hard floors, that are sealed & relatively flat.


Hizero is not designed to clean the following mess:

Animal or human mess such as urine, vomit, or excrement.
A large bulky mess such as a full plate of spaghetti or broken bottle of sauce.
A big mess should be cleaned up first with a paper towel and then finish with the Hizero.
Avoid broken glass as it may damage the roller.

How large an area can the Hizero clean?

The Hizero bionic mop is designed to be an all-around hard floor cleaner, it will clean 100 sq in around 8-10 minutes with one refill of the clean water tank. It's designed to perform spot cleans and also full cleans of the entire home.

Assembly Instruction

How do I connect the handle to the body?

When connecting the handle to the lower body ensure the parts are lined up push together and then insert the screw, use a flat head screwdriver to tighten.


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How do I install the cleaning roller for the first time??

The polymer cleaning roller comes from the factory hard, it needs to be soaked in warm water for 3-5 minutes to soften it completely. Note it will require massaging/rubbing to soften it completely and ensure there are no hard spots.

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How do i install the battery and assemble the charging base?

Once you have connected the handle to the lower body install the battery in the cavity just below the handle. You will need a 10c piece or flat head screwdriver to install.

To assemble the charging base, please insert the vertical piece into the base and connect the power adapter.

Move & Charge Your Hizero

How to move the appliance?

Once fully assembled the Hizero can be moved in 2 different ways. One tilt it onto the back wheels and move it along the floor or use the cavity just above the battery to insert your hand and lift, it only weighs 3.9kg.

Do I need to remove the cleaning roller before charging?

The Hizero sits fully assembled onto the charging dock. Note you must lift the appliance and place it onto the 2 prongs located on the charging dock, the vertical piece. These 2 prongs must insert securely into the cavity located at the rear base of the Hizero appliance.

Why is my Hizero not charging?

Please ensure the power adapter is installed correctly and connected to the charging base and a wall power socket outlet. Ensure the Hizero appliance is sitting “flush” onto the charging base and the base prongs are inserted into the cavity on the appliance.

Please remove and reinstall the battery ensuring the battery sits flush within the frame and not sticking out on any of the sides. Ensure the screw is firmly tightened but not too tight. Pull apart the handle and reconnect, remove the body screw pull apart the handle and reconnect.

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How long should I charge my Hizero?

Please charge the appliance for 4 hrs before use. When sitting on the charging base the battery symbol will flash red, until it's fully charged. When fully charged the battery symbol will be solid blue.

Please leave it on the charging stand all the time. It's ok to leave the power on at all times.

Operating Instructions

What is the correct way to use my Hizero?

The Hizero cleaning head moves forward on its own once the power is turned on. You can push the appliance forwards and backward at normal walking pace. It sweeps up hard waste in the forward motion and mops simultaneously It mops again in the backward motion (won't pick up debris backward). So you must push the appliance forwards over debris to collect it, but it mops in both directions


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Why is excess water on the floor or water in the hard waste tray?

For a new appliance the most likely cause is the polymer roller not being completely wet and soft, see the video below. If you don’t use your appliance daily the polymer roller may dry out, you will need to remove and re-soak it in warm water to soften it before use.

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Do I have to use the disposable hard waste trays?

Using the disposable clear plastic trays is optional, if you do use them they are designed to be thrown away after each use. Alternatively please use the green hard waste tray and clean and wash after every use. To ensure no smells occur, clean and wash the hard waste tray after each use. Also, remove and clean the wastewater tank after each use.

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Does the cleaning roller need to be soaked before each use?

If the polymer cleaning roller is still wet you can use it as normal. If the roller has dried out please remove and resoak it as per the original setup instructions.

Non use for extended periods will cause the roller to dry out, the roller will not turn when dry and will cause the roller error light to come on.

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Can the Hizero clean under furniture and around obstacles?

The Hizero is very versatile and agile, the handle can tilt down quite low and allow access under furniture and chairs. The cleaning head is just under 30 cm wide so it can reach into tight places and has a swivel feature on the cleaning head. Please avoid cleaning near large obstacles that can be pulled into the cleaning head, towels, shoelaces, cords from blinds, etc. This will damage the appliance. If this does occur, the appliance will shut down.

Why are there different cleaning modes on the Hizero?

The Hizero has 2 cleaning modes of operation:

Mode 1, regular cleaning which is the default mode when you first turn on the appliance. This mode should be used for regular everyday cleaning at home.

Mode 2 for heavy cleaning or appliance internal/roller cleaning, this mode uses double the water for heavy cleaning requirements.

To change the modes, press the button with the three horizontal lines.

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Can I add cleaning chemicals into the clean water tank?

NO, only HIZERO detergent must be used inside the clean water tank. All other foreign chemicals will cause damage and void your warranty.

Please do not use any of the following:
no eucalyptus oil.
no essential oils.
no floor disinfectants.
no laundry or kitchen detergents.

How to lock and unlock the body of appliance?

Hold the handle of the Hizero and place your foot gently on either side of the white plastic adjacent to the lower body. While pushing down gently with your foot, pull back the handle towards you in a quick motion. This will unlock the handle and be ready to use.

To lock it, pushes the handle upright until you hear a loud click. This means it's locked in the upright right angle position.

Cleaning & Maintenance

How often should I clean my Hizero?

Daily after use, you should remove and clean the hard waste tray and remove and clean the wastewater bottle.

Please don’t leave debris in the tray it will eventually smell, same for the wastewater tank, empty and wash after each use. Remove and clean the green filter daily after use. All this should only take a few minutes.

Every week, you must remove and clean the brush roller, remove and clean the metal grate located behind the polymer roller.

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Do I need to take out the cleaning roller for drying after each use?

If used frequently – You don’t need to take it out for drying, place the appliance with the cleaning roller onto the charging base it will be fine.

If not used frequently – Take it out for drying and store it in a cool place. But please clean the roller fully before storage or it may smell. To reuse it again, you will need to resoak and soften the roller prior to use.

How do I clean the outer body?

Please use a damp cloth and wipe down, no chemicals required. Never immerse the fully assembled appliance in water.

How do I clean the brush roller?

The brush roller also needs weekly cleaning, this is where long hair will accumulate over time. Please remove the brush roller and remove the hair, wash the brush roller in warm water and detergent and reinstall. Also, be sure to remove any hair stuck on the brush roller motor. The brush roller needs replacing every 6 months at a minimum.

Will I need to remove the battery for long periods of non use?

If you don’t use the appliance for 2 or more weeks, please remove the battery.
If you use it daily, no problems, leave it installed and on charge.
It's a lithium battery with a long life.

Why is the cleaning roller smells after use?

Please ensure firstly that the appliance has been fully cleaned as the smell could be coming from a dirty sink drain (the metal grate behind the roller).

Once this has been cleaned run a self-clean on Mode 2 using Hizero detergent inside the clean water tank. 15ml for one clean water tank, see how to do this (don’t run a self-clean until you have cleaned all the components).

If the smell persists, you may need a new roller, note that the roller should be changed every 4-6 months depending on usage and environment. Pets in the home may require more frequent roller replacements.

If it's much newer than this try adding 5ml of unscented bleach into the clean water tank together with Hizero detergent and run two self-clean cycles. One with bleach and one with plain water to flush the system.

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Can I clean any of the components inside a dishwasher?

NO, please don’t wash any parts of the Hizero inside a dishwasher. Please never immerse any part of the cleaning head in water it will damage the motors.

Can I leave water in the tanks after use?

If you use it frequently, it's ok to leave water in the clean water tank. The wastewater tank must be emptied and rinsed daily after each use.

How does the Hizero internal/roller clean on mode 2?

The Hizero is designed to use a clean water system to clean the internal pipes and the polymer roller (self-clean inside).

Once you have completed the full physical clean of all the cleaning head components please run the self-clean cycle on Mode 2

Remove and clean the hard waste tray.
Remove and clean the filter.
Remove and clean the brush roller and behind the roller.
Remove and clean the waste water bottle.
Remove the polymer roller, and remove and clean the metal grate that sits behind the roller, very important this is done weekly.

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How do i store the Hizero for long periods of non use?

If you are not using your appliance for 2 or more weeks at a time, we recommend the following:

Clean all components inside the cleaning head.
Run an internal/roller clean on Mode 2.
Remove the battery and store it in a cool dry place.
Remove the polymer roller, wash and store in a cool dry place.
Leave the cleaning head lid open to air out.
Remove all the water from both tanks and dry them.

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Do i need to clean the waste water tank after each use?

Yes, we recommend daily cleaning of the wastewater bottle. We also recommend once a week cleaning of the wastewater bottle lid and the long green stem where the sensors are located.


How often does the cleaning roller need replacing?

We recommend replacing the polymer roller every 4-6 months.

Note that the life of the roller is determined by use and also the surface you are cleaning. Over time the roller will wear and will not clean as effectively as before. As the roller wears it will also leave more water behind on your floor. Wear & tear is a normal occurrence.

How often should I replace the brush roller?

We recommend changing the brush roller every 6 months as a minimum. As the roller wears it will be less effective at clearing debris off the polymer roller.

How often should I replace the filter?

The filter needs replacing every 1-2 months depending on use. The new green comb filter is reusable.

Appliances purchased before July 2019 will have the grey filter installed inside the sink drain (the metal grate and will need the hook to remove the metal grate).

Appliances purchased after July 2019 will have the green filter tab with a blue filter insert this can be replaced by removing the tab and replacing the blue part.

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